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Why Buy IforWilliams?

Why Buy an Ifor Williams Trailer? Customers have been purchasing Ifor Williams Trailers for over 50 years. Whether your trailer is thirty years old (there are still plenty of them still out there) or nearly new, you can rest assured that your trailer is built to the higher standards and specification that is synonymous with the Ifor Williams brand.

Here are some of the main reasons why customers keep returning to Ifor Williams Trailers:

Established Distributor Network
Ifor Williams Trailers has a UK network of 50 authorised distributors, all committed to providing the highest standard of sales and after sales service.

After Sales Service
All of our distributors offer servicing facilities to ensure your trailer remains in roadworthy condition.

Availability of Spares & Accessories

Spare parts and accessories for your trailer can be purchased from any Distributor Nationwide. To find your nearest distributor, visit the Distributor Area of this website. Many distributors will take orders over the phone and post items. A comprehensive catalogue is available for you to select the items you require. Spares can also be purchased direct from Ifor Williams Trailers over the phone.

Low Depreciation / Excellent Resale Value
Ifor Williams Trailers benefit from low depreciation meaning if you decide to sell or part-exchange your trailer in the future, you can be sure to achieve an excellent re-sale value.

Beam Axle, Leaf Spring Suspension
All of our trailers have been fitted with a beam axle and leaf spring suspension for over 50 years.