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Strimech Hopper bucket with Cover and Cradle

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The Pro-Ag Hopper Bucket is a game changer with it’s unique versatility in the industry. These havebeen designed and manufactured with expertise using the latest technology and offer safe methods of filling bulk bags, static hoppers and machines in the field for the end user. This bucket gives the machine operator complete control discharge at the fingertips, ensuring control at all times and eliminating waste of time and material and can be a one man one machine operation. Maintenance is simple & fast to minimise down time with removable access plate to the fully enclosed hydraulic workings.

  • Bulk grain handling.
  • Bulk bag filling facility.
  • In the field machine filling ability e.g. Seed Drills & Fertilizer Spreaders.
  • Excellent controllability of discharge flow.
  • Fully enclosed workings including the hydraulic ram giving easy access for maintenance & service.
  • Industry standard 8” discharge chute.
  • Fully self emptying hopper with no trap points.
  • Clear open & close indicator for the operator to control the flow from the machine seat position.
  • Boron 500 weld in toe plate
  • Bulk Bag Cutter Blade
  • Optional extras include, Bolt on Wear Edge (Boron 400), All Weather Cover, Self Standing Stand,

Model BKT27-80HCD

Capacity m3(ft3) 1.5

Height H m(ft )1.28

Depth D m(ft)1.68

Width W m(ft)2.44

Weight kg(lb)915