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Marshall Trailers – NZ Distrubutor

Marshall Trailers manufacture a wide range of trailers to suit all needs and are used by farmers, contractors, and many other businesses in the agriculture industry world wide. Producing on average 46 units per week Marshall Trailers can proudly boast that they are the UK’s oldest and largest trailer manufacturer.

Marshall Trailers have a range to suit all needs, including, Silage Trailers, Drop Side Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Dumper Trailers, Feed Trailers, Livestock Trailers, Muck Spreaders, Tankers, Rear Discharge Muck Spreaders and Feed Barrierswith genuine Marshall spares – a full collection of spares are available for all models in the range.


Feed Trailers

The Marshall feed trailer range combines a unique, practical design with exceptional built quality. In addition, all our feed trailers have a number of useful features integrated into the design including, removable drawbar, swinging tail door, and angled sides to assist feeding.

  • Tough. strong and durable.
    400 Steel Sides & Fully Welded Bars
  • Drastically Increases Strength & Rigidity
  • 6mm Steel Front
  • Steel Flooring
  • Fully Opening Removable Rear Door
  • Retractable Drawbar – Maximises Available Feed Spaces
  • Tapered Sides – Ensures Waste Free Feeding
  • 6 Stud 70mm Beam Axles *12.5 x 15 – 14ply Wheels











Silage / Grain TrailersThe QM range combines superior construction and clever design to create trailers that are strong, reliable and durable; the basic requirements of any good trailer. The most accurate comparison when buying a trailer is the cost per cu. ft!  All tandem axle models available with springs or split oscillating suspension – with no price difference.

  • All models have full in line and side loading silage panels as standard and silage kit complete with full height silage gate forming the canopy at the rear eliminating silage catching during discharge.
  • Large cubic capacity enabling the user to not only carry the stated weight but to hold it as well.
  • QM/14, QM/1400, QM/16, QM/1600 & QM/1800 have commercial type axles, as used by road transport, fitted as standard.
  • Flat floors with no open pressed sections that allow water to prematurely rust out joints.
  • Protected lights which are integrated into the back rail eliminates any potential damage.
  • Precision chrome rams (QM11 upwards).
  • Unique design chassis combines unmatched strength and stability.
  • Front inspection ladder that protect the front of the trailer from stone chips from the tractor is standard on all QM models.
  • All Marshall silage trailers use our unique hydraulic catches which fit to the rear of the trailer removing any chance of accidental damage from the side.


Drop-Side Trailer Range

The range of Marshall drop-side trailers can be configured to suit almost any requirement. Every trailer in our drop-side range can be adjusted to your specification, with a number of useful options to ensure our trailers can tackle any job. The entire range has been intelligently designed with a number of clever features to maximize strength and durability.

It is now more important than ever to make sure that trailers have the correct suspension, axles and brakes. All our models exceed the legal requirements for agricultural trailers, and of course a number of optional extras are offered to further improve performance if required.

  • Large capacity and taperd bodies ensure safe discharge of loads fully welded construction eliminates rust traps.
  • Fixed headboard ensures a rigid body.
  • Fully braced hinge points eliminates cracking of material.
  • Hydraulic brakes and lights standard S/4 upwards fulfils both HSE and highway regulations.
  • Full height grain doors enables large bulky loads to be discharged.
  • All tandem axle models available with springs or split oscillating suspension – with no price difference.
  • All Marshall silage trailers use our unique hydraulic catches which fit to the rear of the trailer removing any chance of accidental damage from the side.

Dumper Trailers

The HD hybrid dumper trailer range has been designed to handle a wide variety of different tasks; from shifting muck on a farm to the toughest construction work.

  • A 60° tip angle ensures safe and efficient discharge of any load. An elevated rear tipping point allows loads to be easily heaped up.
  • Optional hydraulic door that can be ordered from new or “dealer fitted” at a later date without any paint rectification or fabrication.
  • Fully integrated rear lights positioned to avoid damage from the discharging load.
  • 8mm rock floor and 5mm or 6mm sides limit the potential damage to the body.
  • Twin two stage ram allows for a more stable tip – HD/8 Model Upwards.
  • Oscillating split tandem axle significantly increases stability over a spring type suspension.
  • HD/16 comes standard Tandem Commercial 90mm 10 Stud Axles with 406 x 120 S Cam Brakes.

Flat / Bail Trailers

The basic construction methods and materials used in the BC range ensures that every model conforms to the heavy-duty build standard of all Marshall products.

  • Durabar non slip floor with box section side rails and bearers.
  • Rolled channel, square design chassis eliminates the potential of  material fatigue due to flexing.
  • Rigid 21” fixed headboard allows harvest ladders to be held rigidly and increases overall rigidity.
  • The quality split oscillating rocker tandem with its Devlon bushes only adds to the overall level of stability required for this type of work.

Muck Spreaders

The Marshall MS range has been developed with a number of unique design features and durable construction methods making it an industry spreader.

The entire MS range is designed around providing the most efficient and effective discharge of material on a consistent basis. Accordingly the entire spreading mechanics of every model have been tried, tested and engineered to achieve this.

Rear Discharge Spreader Range

The Marshall VES range is the next step forward in the design of rear-discharge spreaders, eliminating the problematic floor-chain set-up and the associated maintenance requirements. This mechanism is replaced by a patented hydraulic pushing ram that is fully speed controllable with an electronic control system that is extremely user-friendly and provides unmatched benefits.

The unique hydraulic ram concept of our VES range is not its only selling feature. The robust construction and heavy-duty components used in every model means the VES range is ready for the toughest challenges.

  • Robust purpose built one piece gearbox means no breakages.
  • 10mm thick step design rear beaters for longer life.
  • Fully reversible hardened tips reduces wear.
  • Compact design with axle position as far back as possible for increased traction & versatility.
  • 520 mm minimum ground clearance (VES-1500) and exceptional residual value lowers cost per ton spread.

Slurry Tankers

The Marshall ST slurry tanker range has been developed with strength and durability as the guiding principles. Every model in the range has been intelligently designed for excellent everyday practicality and usability.

  • A quality 8000L Hertel pump.
  • Standard 6mm steel tank ensures a long lifespan.
  • Standard 6” side valve with interchangeable rear mounting position.
  • Liquid filled 75mm gauge allows for accurate pressure readings.
  • Fully integrated lights.
  • Integral design chassis ensures no fatigue that can produce premature cracking.
  • Tanks that hold the stated capacity, even the LGP cut in tanks are increased in size to compensate for the cut out part.

Livestock Trailers

Marshall livestock container range provides a simple, efficient and good value way to shift livestock between farms or transport them to market.

All Marshall containers provide an excellent value method for moving livestock. There is no need to have an HGV license or to have passed a trailer test; simply the ability to drive a tractor. The fixed livestock containers are particularly good value and start at very competitive prices. There are few other ways to move livestock at those prices.

    • Each Container has its own floor which eliminates the necessity for the flooring on the host trailer to be in good condition.
    • Aluminium ramp c/w two helper springs, ensures easy safe use.
    • Fully sheeted solid roof complies with full regulations.
    • Internal dividing doors can be positioned every 18″.
    • All models are available with aluminium sheep carrying decks.