Quality Trailers & Horse Floats

The Eventa


Before beginning the design and development of the Eventa, they took the time to listen to their customers to understand exactly what they wanted from this type of trailer. They spent five years carefully designing, testing and refining the trailer before they were completely satisfied that it would reach and excel your expectations.

They have produced the perfect trailer for your horse

They produce more horsebox trailers than anyone else in the UK. To see for yourself how popular their trailers are, just look around the car park at your next event. The horse compartment in the Eventa range has been carefully designed to ensure your horse travels safely and comfortably. Combining the much loved qualities of the lfor Williams range, with continuous design improvements, ensures that you are towing a safe and strong horsebox trailer.

And also the perfect trailer for you

The living area in the Eventa range has been designed to offer the best possible levels of comfort and functionality. There are three levels of finish: Bronze, Silver and Gold. With Bronze comes seating for three, sleeping accommodation for two, a sink and plenty of storage space. The Silver finish adds a gas cooking hob. The Gold electric water pump. The 12v electrics means you can add a host of additional options including electric fridge, hot water, TV and electrical flush toilet; it really is a home from home. As a further option the trailer can be supplied with no fit-out to the living area allowing you to customise this area yourself. The Eventa comes in two sizes. The Eventa M is suitable for 2 horses whilst the Eventa L is suitable for 2/3 horses/ponies dependant on weight. Moving away from traditional trailers the partitions for the horses are at a herringbone angle – widely used on horsebox lorries. Finally, all their trailers undergo rigorous testing not only within their own test facilities but also at independent test tracks.