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Product Description

Barrel Design – The barrels on all models are fully welded and are 4.5mm thick . The ends on all models are also heavy-duty with 6mm thick ends to provide an excellent service life.

Chassis Design – An integral chassis design has been part of the Marshall spreader for over thirty years. It removes any stress on the barrel of the spreader to prevent premature fatigue or cracking.

Lid Design – Every model in the range benefits from a stainless steel lid ram to eliminate corrosion. Our lids open to 89 degrees, allowing easy loading and reducing the possibility of damage.

Brakes & Lights – Brakes and lights come as standard.

Sprockets – All sprockets are machined steel, not cast, and located by a 10 pitch spline to maximize service life. In addition the gearing of the sprockets on all our spreaders has been selected to provide the optimum spread.

Bearings – We only use plumber block bearings, which allows all our bearings to be placed away from corrosive slurry to limit potential damage.

Rotor Shaft – Every model benefits from a round perfectly balanced rotor shaft with chains mounted on four sides, any engineer would agree a round shaft is easier to balance. Heavy-duty starter flails allow the spreader to easily start and quickly achieve the optimum spreading speed.

Chains – The flail chains on every model are case hardened to greatly reduce wear and the heads are welded on, not just held on with a pin or bolt. Large 3″ x 2.5″ heads and a substantial number of flail chains ensure a fast, efficient spread rate.

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